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Types of Water Filters for Drinking Water
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Standard Water Filtration Systems

SMI Analytical endorses and supplies a range of water filters, these filters combine sediment, active carbon and Ultra-Violet light disinfection.

These Water Filters are manufactured in South Africa and distributed throughout Africa and other Countries Abroad. The Water Purifiers are made out of the highest quality stainless steel and brass fittings, to ensure a life-time of enjoyment.
The electric ballast that drives the UV sterilizer lamp is manufactured in Germany, and is designed for 10 years plus of hassle free service.

Our Range of Water Filters Include

The UV12 Water Filter for 1200 litres/hour Flow Rate
Water Filter Suited For Africa

UV24 Water Filter for 2400 litres/hour Flow Rate
Large Flow Water Filter

These 3 stage filters are particualarly suited to conditions in Africa where water quality as far as Inorganic contaminants is scarce, but problems arise with smell, taste and potential for bacterial contamination.
Remember the majority of dissolved salts in drinking water are actually benificial to humans eg) Calcium and Magnesium.

Custom Water Filtration Units

At SMI Analytical we can design and manufacture a water filter as per your requirements

From lodges to mines, from borehole to river water
Contact us and let a water chemist take the guess work out of your Potable Water problem

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Water Filter Expertise Cover:

UV sterilisation, Reverse Osmosis, Ozanation, Direct Filtration, Ion Exchange and Nano Disinfection.


Water Information Pages from SMI:

Information on How Variuos Types of Water Filters Work

Questions to ask and points to consider before buying a water filter or water purifier.
This page contains useful information on Devious Water Filter Salesmen, and how to handle them.
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SMI Analytical Laboratory Services | Types of Water Filters | How Water Filters and Water Purifiers Work